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Topista (left), Sophia (right). Suubi Women from BIC Shanti, Uganda

Budondo Intercultural Center (BIC)

The Budondo Intercultural Center's (BIC) objective is to provide affordable health services, build household resilience and invest in social entrepreneurship projects in rural Uganda.

Suubi and Shanti health centers provide maternal neonatal and child health care, immunization, laboratory, family planning, oxygen support, ultrasound scan, outpatient and inpatient, ambulance and community outreach services to over 58 villages in and around Luuka District. Shanti serves Luwero District in Central Uganda..

The financial sustainability program runs entrepreneurship projects to generate income to subsidize over-the-counter cost of receiving care. The population health and environment program works with over 400 families to sustain themselves and their environment.

Mlali Community Tanzania

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