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In the rural villages of Kisumu, Kenya, dedicated teachers embark on a challenging journey each day to reach the local schools. These passionate educators often commute long distances through rough terrain, braving the elements to ensure that they can impart knowledge to their students.

Upon deployment by the teachers service commission, the teachers struggle to find quality accommodation. With limited options available, most of them are forced to settle for substandard living conditions, lacking basic amenities and comfort. The absence of suitable accommodation not only affects the well-being of teachers but also impacts the ability of local schools to attract and retain top talent. 

The Akili Suites Project aims to address the housing challenges faced by rural teachers while supporting girls' education through scholarships and vocational training  by building  affordable and decent housing units in Kanyawegi village, Obambo, Kisumu, Kenya. 

By offering comfortable accommodation, we seek to enhance the quality of life for these educators and support their vital role in shaping the future of our communities.

Our mission is twofold - to improve the living conditions of rural teachers and to empower girls through educational opportunities. Through the revenue generated from the Akili Suites project, we fund scholarships and vocational training programs to support girls in pursuing their dreams and building a brighter future.
Join us in making this project a success; 

1. Donating through the donate button below to make a direct contribution to the Akili Suites Project. Your donation will help provide affordable housing for rural teachers and support girls' education through scholarships and vocational training programs. 

2. Purchasing Beaded items crafted by out of school girls in our vocational education and training program. We can also ship to you a small package of 100 items which you can sell to family and friends for $10 or more to help raise funds or gift those who have given to your fundraiser. Every purchase helps raise funds for our initiatives and empowers these young entrepreneurs.

3. Organizing small fundraising campaigns with your friends and family to support the Project. We can also create a mini fundraising page for you to raise $2000 to $5000 from friends and family to support the project. 

Your support is invaluable in ensuring that teachers live in dignity as they equip the next generation of leaders in our community with the skills to thrive. Thank you for joining us in this mission!

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